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Asset Maintenance

Most people do not associate a cleaning company with asset maintenance even though the cleanliness and preventive maintenance performed by a well trained company like Ciocca can save exponential dollars to an organization.

Carpet - Ciocca has a fleet of highly trained carpet experts who are armed with the best equipment available to help extend the life of your organizations carpet and keep the appearance appealing to the eye. Dirt and grime can take a toll on your carpet which leads to early replacement and unnecessary dollars to your organizations bottom line. Carpets that are vacuumed at least two times weekly and steam cleaned once every six months can last as much as twice as long as carpet that is not treated in the same fashion.

Tile - Ceramic and vinyl tile are very popular floor covering options, and what most people don't understand is that each of these materials left unprotected can discolor, tarnish, and break down very quickly. Ciocca has developed a unique process derived by buffing, deep cleaning, stripping, and different applications of wax to ensure that the tile in your facility will have the same look it did when it was installed.

Computer Equipment - Ciocca understands how dirt and dust in the air can clog the filters found on nearly every piece of computer related equipment found in today's office environment. Each cleaning professional learns valuable techniques in controlling dust levels and utilizing non-static and electronic safe cleaners when around the valuable equipment in your organizations space.

People - There are a plethora of ways where Ciocca can contribute to a positive work environment to your employees. Studies have show how a clean environment can have substantial influence on the productivity and outlook a person has when they are at work. In addition to the mental health of our employees, Ciocca also has a trained staff that utilizes the best equipment to clean and sanitize the air ducts in your facility. Air ducts have been shown to act as a collection source for a variety of contaminants such as mold, fungi, bacteria, and patches of dust that can have a negative influence on your employees health, therefore you can see the value of this service. Let a Ciocca professional help you create the best environment for your colleagues.