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Commitment to Quality

Chris Ciocca, the company's President and Founder started Ciocca after discovering there was a need in commercial and industrial cleaning that was not being fulfilled. While there were plenty of self proclaimed janitorial experts in the local market, the level of service and quality was something that time and time again was not living up to the expectations of the client.

Since the company's origination it has been Chris's number one priority to meet and surpass the expectations of his clients. As the company has grown from its first client it has learned how to adapt to its diverse clientele and grow to be able to fulfill any and all of their requests and demands.

One significant part of the evolution of the Ciocca business is the focus on communication with their clients. Managing a staff of over 100 employees and services over 100 clients is a tough task in its own right, and ensuring everyone was happy at the end of the day seemed harder and harder to guarantee.

In 2005, Ciocca started the development and planning phases of one of the company's largest advances since its incarnation. Ciocca wanted to standardize their level of service and utilize the latest technology to better communicate with their customers and staff.

Today, Chris Ciocca is confident that with the launch of the new online, ticket based, communication system, Easy Clean Management, and internal checks and balances system that Ciocca can undoubtedly provide a level of satisfaction that is unparalleled in the industry.

Ciocca has a long list of satisfied customers that it reports to duty for every day, and we would like to add your company's name to that list.