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Fire & Smoke Damage

Experiencing a fire in a home or in an office is an awful thing to endure.  Personal and sentimental items can be ruined.  Fire and smoke cleaning and restoration can be a rather large task and is always extremely time-consuming.  Not only does Ciocca’s specialize in water damage restoration, we specialize in fire damage restoration as well.  Finding the right company, who is certified and knows how to handle this type of work, can make this process a great deal easier.  Just as it is important to get a company out to water damage quickly, it is equally important to get a company out to start the clean up right away after a fire.  This is in order to prevent secondary damage, to your content items, such as staining.  Ciocca’s offers a full pack out service, on-site content and/structure cleaning, and temperature controlled storage.  Let Ciocca’s take care of restoring your home or office after a fire.

Fire Damage Emergency Tips

Things you can do before Ciocca’s arrives...

Fire Damage Do's:
  • Clean and protect any chrome fixtures on kitchen appliances, faucets, tub fittings, towel bars, as well as door/drawer handles and hinges, by applying a light coating of Vaseline or other type of oil. 
  • Call plumber to drain plumbing system if heat is off in winter, and pour antifreeze in toilet bowels, sinks, and tubs to prevent freezing and bursting pipes.
  • Open windows for ventilation.
  • Change furnace filter if blower is operating.
  • Blow off or brush-vacuum loose soot particles from upholstery, drapes and carpeting.
  • Tape doubled pieces of cheesecloth over air registers with masking tape.
  • Clear out or empty any items from refrigerators or freezers if the electricity is off and prop the doors open.
  • Remove any pets from property.

Fire Damage Don'ts:
  • Do not wipe or attempt to wash walls, ceilings or other absorbent surfaces
  • Do not use exposed food items, or canned goods which have been subjected to excessive heat
  • Do not use do-it-yourself, home carpet or upholstery cleaners
  • Do not use upholstered furniture if it can be avoided
  • Do not use TV's, stereos, or electrical appliances until cleaned and checked
Following our Emergency Tips can increase the chances for prompt and successful restoration.